“Here are some pictures of our academy class using the fitness equipment at our Mack South Station. This was one of the two stations that heavier lifting equipment. Since we have received this equipment it has gotten a good portion of our firefighters off the couches and working again. I have had numerous of our higher ranking officers tell me that they have never seen in all their time on this department so many of our guys working out. The excellent quality of the equipment that we bought from your company is a direct result of this. Thanks again for all your time and work in helping our department through the process.”

James Wehr

“We’re very pleased with the type of approach Webster’s has used with us. They helped us take a look at what we’re trying to teach, how it relates to state standards and also how can we create some space so that we have plenty of room to use our new equipment safely. We were able to turn some old storage rooms and faculty dining areas into state-of-the-art-fitness centers. We are very pleased with the service and expertise Webster’s provided for us. “

Maria Spicher

“…After the completion of the project, Webster’s continued to help with the implementation of the equipment until our department felt comfortable and capable of using it. In addition, Webster’s provides preventative maintenance agreements that we use to this day. If there is a rare instance when a machine fails, they repair the problem in a very timely fashion…

I personally met with over a dozen different sales reps from various companies. Tom Webster and his company stood above the other competitors. I would without a doubt make the same choices I have in the past. Not only for the equipment line, but for Tom and the additional services his company brings to the table…”

Dr. Ronald Giles

“Webster’s Fitness Products provided us with quality, commercial grade equipment. The equipment we purchased is age appropriate for both high school and middle school students. We’re seeing great results with our students in the areas of fitness development and personal goals each student may have set in the area of weight loss. One of the main things we looked for when we were trying to find quality fitness equipment that would withstand daily usage from high school and middle school students was a company that would guarantee us good maintenance, good service and timely response to our needs. Webster’s Fitness Products was the company that fit that need for us in Titusville.

We’ve worked with Tom Webster and his company now for over seven years, and we’ve been very happy with our relationship, and we look forward to many more years of working together to improve the fitness of the students at Titusville Area School District.”

Tim McCord


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